Two agents, same path, different results, what made the difference?

Once upon a time on a sunny summer morning, two young men started new careers as insurance agents in small agencies.  These two agents were both driven, smart and ready to attack their new career with excitement and vigor.  They had both graduated with the same degree, with honors, from the same university.  Both were filled with dreams of a lifestyle where they could support their families comfortably and make it to every kid’s sports game, recital and performance. They knew they would make a huge positive impact on their families, agencies & communities.

Recently, these men ran into one another at the same Big “I” conference 6 years after that summer morning.  They both were still very much alike, both were happily married, had beautiful young children, and had protected some of the biggest and best companies in their communities.

But there was one difference…

One of these young men was working 70 hour weeks, going back to his office nearly every night after the kids were in bed just to fight to keep his clients from moving to a competitor, sick of spinning his wheels.  The other had a larger book of business that organically grew more and more profitable while spending most of his time helping people in his community & enjoying time with his family and friends.

If you’re like me, when you hear a story like that you wonder, what made the difference between those two men?  Evidence proves that one didn’t have superior knowledge, talent or perseverance.  It isn’t that one person has the excitement and vigor for this career and the other does not.

In fact, they can’t be different because both of these young men are me, only 6 years removed.

I can tell you from direct and unmistakable experience of building two totally different books of business.  The difference between the first “me” that felt stuck and the second “me” that is free, is one simple thing.   This ONE THING is easy to say but hard to actually do.

Understanding this ONE THING has made all the difference. I’ve personally tested two sales philosophies. I built two different books of business, one through cold calls, price comparisons and competition, and the other through referrals, problem solving and consultation.  Now I know that understanding this ONE THING is what changed my trajectory towards real long-term success and freed me from the agent vs agent civil war.

I have built a system around this ONE THING that allows others to mimic the “free me”. I know this may sound pretentious, and I share this not to toot my own horn.  I share this because I have a vision of a day when only specialist, consultative agents thrive, and the bad habits of price quoting, apples for apples comparisons and all the other bad industry habits are a thing of the past.

With this vision in mind, Agents of TrACTION has been formed.  An ELITE day to day training and support system for independent insurance agents that feel isolated, unsupported or stuck spinning their wheels.

Come see our story at www.agentoftraction.com.

We’ve only just begun adding huge value to our agents.

We look forward to helping anyone that catches this vision and wants more out of their career then perpetual economic war.  All you need to do is…

Take ACTION & Become ELITE

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