Do you know that agent that thinks image is everything and sells that way too.  You know the one that can sell anything to anybody, weather it’s actually the right product or not.

I used to get frustrated with them.

Now I just feel sorry for him.

He still hasn’t realized that it is long term relationships and trust that builds an insurance practice.  I have dubbed this bad sales habit with the villain name “DoubleMouth.”

He is the equivalent to Two-face in the Batman series, or for the younger readers, good cop/bad cop in the lego movie.  He is brilliant at drawing people in with his good side, offering an aromatic array of promises.  This aroma leaves his victims in a trance that renders them unable to say no to him, even if the promises seem too good to be true.

Obviously, broken promises inevitably follow, but as soon as he senses that his victims are breaking from his trance, another side of his mouth opens and he sprays a venomous poison of deceit that leaves his victims skeptical of the entire industry.  This is how he has been able to con many clients, companies and community leaders to follow him and leave the non-followers skeptical and angry at any agent that might try to help them in the future.

This dangerous villain must be stopped before he continues to poison the general public’s opinion of our industry.  As Agents of TrACTION, we must commit to the philosophy of under-sell & over-deliver.  When someone gets more from us than they expected, the poison is slowly washed out of their eyes and they are able to overcome this villain.

Cleansing takes patience, but will build a much stronger group of clientele that are willing to trust you and the industry again.  Simply put:

BEING TRUSTWORTHY is the only way for our industry to regain TRUST…….how profound!!!!!!

Every agent must do their part, we need all the help we can get.

Take ACTION & Become ELITE

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