Anytime I hear the words “can you ‘quote’ me the cheapest thing possible?”… My arm-hairs raise and I have to hold back my scowl.  

Time to go gecko hunting.

I can’t help but wonder how destructive price driven advertising really is to our seemingly complicated and intangible industry.  

So, I’ve done what any sane insurance agent would do. I have villainized this concept.  

I call this monster… PRIC (pronounced: prik).  

We’ve never had visual contact of it because it never leaves it’s secret high tech “caveman” lair, but its influences are seen every day all over the country.  It spreads its destructive message that price is the only thing that matters through manipulative propaganda in every media outlet.  Once this destructive message is implanted in its victims, its telepathic powers take over, leaving its victims so narrowly focused that they become defenseless when attacked by other villains or even when simple accidents happen.  

It’s influences, sadly, are widely ingrained at all levels of insurance companies, agencies, agents and customers.

Until we find its lair and can destroy it directly, we are left fighting off its influence with the victims one by one.  Our reconnaissance of its activities has given us good intel on how to help its victims and prevent others from falling under its trance.  Though its technology is powerful, we have found that it is lazy and undetermined.  

Direct contact and proper education will break down its influence over time and prevent others from being phsyco-manipulated by its powers.

As we educate our clients and solve true coverage problems, instead of “quoting apples for apples,” we will see these victims come out of their price-driven trance.  It is our duty as Agents of TrACTION to strengthen and fortify the minds of those we love.  Let’s make sure they are strong enough to ward off the evil influences of Pric and its message of laziness and destruction.

Take ACTION & Become ELITE

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