Every Supervillain needs some “muscle” to do the dirty work.  Invisibull is just that.  Large, intimidating and pushy, Invisibull uses time-share presentation type tactics of manipulation and force to get his victims to submit to his will.  He will push and push until they lose the will to say no.  Once in his prison, the insurance program he puts in place is confusing and complicated, leaving his victims either thinking there is no other option for them, or not willing to do all the work to try to quote out all the different companies, effective dates and policy types.  Once he is in this power position with his victims he then disappears until they feel brave enough to try to get away.  Little do they know, he is lurking in the corner, invisible, watching every move they make, ready to charge back in and subdue them once more.  Blocking markets without really giving them a chance is one of his strongest weapons.  Every attempt to escape just leaves his prisoners feeling more and more powerless.

Whenever we encounter Invisibull, we have to resist the temptation to fight him using his same tactics.  This will just leave you in a bloody battle where no one really wins.  The key to beating him is to outsmart him by turning his tactics against him.  Help his victims understand the frustrations of not knowing what their policy really is.  Simplify their program and educate them on what a good insurance program should look like.  This sometimes takes time and patience until they are strong enough to break free of his chains, but once we realize that our clients must have the power to beat him themselves, only then do we successfully unlock their ability to weaken his grasp.

Einstein once said “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”

Keep that in mind and you can outsmart this tough and powerful villain.

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