Looking back 12 years ago, senior year of college, newly married and my first kid on the way, welp, it’s time to grow up and find a career, I told myself.  No way I was following my dad to be a roofer. And besides, I knew exactly what I wanted.

1-The ability to have a strong positive impact on people and my community,
2-make enough money to support a family and give them opportunities to thrive in whatever direction they wanted,
3-time freedom and mobility so I could be a participating member of my family, not just a financer.

Luckily, I was able to find all of these ideals by looking past the “label” of Insurance and selecting it as a career. I’m very happy with that decision.

After a successful 12 years in the industry where my three career goals are being realized, I definitely see the yin & yang effects ringing blaringly clear.  For all of the great things about the industry, we definitely have matching demons.  The stigma of Insurance as boring, confusing and unethical is hard to overcome when bad habits of some agents and companies in the business fit the stigma perfectly.

I’ve seen too many people out to make a quick buck without really knowing the troubles they are causing down the road for themselves, their clients and the good guys of the industry.

I know what you’re thinking…..

“it is what it is”,

“take the good with the bad”,

“you can’t change people”,

blah, blah, blah.

Who am I to think I can change anything in a multi-trillion dollar world-wide industry.  I’ve given into these thoughts for too long but I can’t do it anymore.

I’ve hit my tipping point, my suffering’s coup de grâce.

It’s time for ACTION.

If not me, then who?

One night, after losing a good account to a young agent that guilt-tripped my long time client using the pathetic “I’ve tried for three years to get your account with no success, can you just BOR it to me to give me a chance” sales pitch.  My wife was sick of me venting, you know, pointing out all of the crap in the insurance world(not healthy, by the way.)  So I escaped from my industry frustrations with one of my favorite TV series Marvel’s Agents of Shield, a group of normal people with superior training & skills that are charged with finding, understanding & documenting inhumans, good or evil, for the greater purpose of preventing catastrophe, progressing society and protecting the human race. I couldn’t help but feel like I was just like them for the insurance industry.

You know, finding, understanding and battling alien lifeforms.

Then it dawned on me

”I could be Agent Phil Coulson,

an unassuming leader with a knack for cutting through the crap and boldly driving the right agenda forward for the benefit of all, for no better reason than….he cares, and it’s the right thing to do”


So in all my unassuming glory I’ve created Agents of TrACTION.  We’re building a team of highly skilled, educated & trustworthy agents that can mentor and train each other to build habits that create a more viable and sustainable industry for years to come.  Agents of TrACTION can go out and fight off the evils that are tearing down our industry: greed, mistrust, hyper-competitiveness, confusion, boredom, lazy-selling, etc.
Our mission is to recover and preserve the perception of our industry as it truly is… a noble business that:

  • takes care of people in their worst moments
  • spends millions of dollars preventing catastrophes locally and worldwide
  • and is the catalyst for consistent growth in every sector of our economy.

As agents, we understand the power we hold. It is now time to help the public see it this way.

Nearly Impossible………Yep

Not a job for a weird and geeky insurance agent…..

Sounds like a job for a team of superheroes!

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