Have you ever told someone you were an insurance agent and they got uncomfortable, like you were some mythical creature that was about to suck their blood?

(OK, maybe I’m the only one because of my intense Dracula-like widow’s peak)  

But if that has happened to you, then apparently our industry has a problem.  It seems to be the same problem that keeps new people from joining the industry in the first place.

The problem isn’t that our industry breeds vampires,  

the problem is,

people think it does. 

That’s an industry messaging problem.  So let’s demystify the myths that plague our industry’s perception.

Myth #1- You have to be a fast talking salesman that works 10+ hours per day to be successful.

Truth- The long-term residual income factor of this business requires that you build relationships through listening, problem solving, and serving your clients.  Most successful agents I know are able to spend time making a real difference in their communities and that is what creates their success.

Myth #2- You must devote 7-10 years to the business before feeling financially successful.

Truth- Your past experiences and failures can greatly accelerate your success as an insurance agent.  They help you relate to specific niches of people which builds trust quickly.  When people trust you, you can start seeing success almost immediately.

Myth #3- I will have to sell products that I don’t personally believe in.

Truth-The best agents specialize in one or two areas of expertise and they choose that area of expertise based on passion, trust of the product and connection with people in that market.  There are so many directions you can take your career that if you don’t believe in a product, don’t sell it.  It’s that simple.

Myth #4- I can’t work in an industry that takes money and doesn’t give it back when it is needed.

Truth-Most non-paid claims are due to the agent not offering the right coverage. As an agent, you can do something about the insurance injustices by ensuring your policies are written in a way that holds the insurance company’s feet to the fire when your clients have a loss.  Yes, there are ways to do that.  Here’s the simple formula.

1-Get to know your client’s risks in detail,
2-Be truthful with underwriting so your policies are underwritten correctly,
3-Build programs with the right coverages and proper limits,
4-Check and understand the exclusions,
5-Fight for your clients.

(notice that none of these steps have anything to do with premium)

Myth #5- I don’t want to be the bad guy in a claim situation.

Truth- When you do your job correctly you prevent most of these situations, but, if they do come up, you have the ability to fight for your clients.  When you fight your client’s battles with them, you gain more trust then anything else.  It’s up to you if you want to be the superhero or the villain.

We have an amazing industry that creates more good in this world than people realize. What other myths do we need to debunk about our industry.

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