What makes insurance people think we can understand the vast world of legal and financial documents we call the insurance industry?  Unfortunately too many agents have the Jack of All Trades, master of none syndrome.  Let’s put a name to this unfortunate disease.  We’ll call them the Jackov Family. They have been valued members of our society for many generations. Their alien genetic mutation allows them to be changlings. The Jackov’s are able to switch from insurance agent to realtor to tax accountant to banker to investment adviser to music store clerk. You know, anything to try to make money.  In the last generation their genetic mutation has taken a turn for the worst.
Sadly, this family has been slowly dying off. Every time they change into another professional, their arteries stretch thinner and thinner until it tears, creating tiny drops of interior bleeding that will eventually kill them.  Being spread too thin has become an epidemic that has actually spread into agents outside of their family as well.  It is a scary disease that we must treat as quickly as possible.

Our technical team has been working tirelessly to create a cure.  We have developed a device called the focus ray.  This gun is non-fatal but it kills off the other profession options that are actually slowly killing them, thus allowing their true profession to thrive.  This focus ray has been slowly helping.  

Now, As Agents of TrACTION, we have a responsibility to build relationships with members of this family and help them make up for their lost abilities.  

With our help, they won’t need to squeeze every penny out of each of their clients.  

Their new found focus is slowly helping them realize the power of referral teams to handle their client’s needs.  They are slowly starting to heal from the internal wounds these changes have been causing.  It is a long road to recovery but this focus and teamwork within and without their family can bring them from the brink of extinction and allow them to truly develop into powerful allies in our fight for a better world.  

Take ACTION & Become ELITE

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