DON’T GET _________

This simple phrase has made me more money in insurance than any other phrase I use.

My wife accuses me of being a little simple minded sometimes, and I respond, yep, I know, isn’t it nice.  
With that in mind, I have used one phrase in my insurance career that seems to solve every client’s problems.  This phrase, when used properly, is a magic bullet.  I’ll give you this phrase and show you how to use it.Grab your pen and paper and write this down because it will change your career forever.The Phrase is….

Drumroll please………..

Don’t get In an accident  (could also be replaced with)

Nuf said, problems solved, issue resolved, insurance sold!!!!

I wish you could see the sheepish smile on my face as I write this.

But in all seriousness, it works.  Here’s how.

When a client asks, should I get comp and collision coverage on my truck?

Reply:  Just don’t get in an accident. (make sure you say it with a smile)

When they give you the spiel that insurance is just a necessary evil so get me the cheapest price possible.

Answer: Just don’t get sued, then you don’t need it.

Obviously you must pick your targets with this magic bullet but, when you use it properly, just watch, one of two things will happen.

They’ll lighten up and listen to what you say,


They’ll storm out of your office and find someone else they can whine to.

Either way, it’s a win for you. 

Leave comments with some other magic bullet phrases.  I’d love to hear yours.

Take ACTION & Become ELITE

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