I cringe when I hear from insurance agents the phrase,

“it’s not a dog eat dog world… it’s an eat your children world.”

That’s not a world I want to live in. I love my kids.

Please don’t subscribe to that thought, It will drown you in a never ending bloody battle. There is a better way.

I know because I’ve been there. I started my career seeing every other insurance agent as competition. It got so bad I even made up a super-villain of one in particular. His name was “Shm-ooze”.

Shm-ooze was that salesman that wore a perfectly tailored suit and slicked back gelled hair that looks like it would snap off in 20 degree weather. I imagined that the Bluetooth headset, that never left his ear, was actually a wearable ooze containment device keeping his green ooze body inside his suit. One button on the Bluetooth released the suit and allowed him to slip his way past any door and get his face in front of any target. He would fill them with slimy empty promises that he never could fill because he didn’t have the products or systems to do so.

It would kill me knowing that my clients would leave for all the promises, only to come back the next year, frustrated, disillusioned and hardened, saying frankly, he wasted their time and mine.

After years of fighting shm-ooze I tried a different strategy.  

I created a solid relationship with him.

I invited him to family parties, took him to lunch and showed him I could help him create value for him and his clients.  He eventually turned to the good side and we have partnered up in some instances, allowing him to be a rainmaker and me to take care of our clients the way they deserve.
As Agents of TrACTION, we find ways to have personal relationships with our “competition” outside of a business setting.  I’m always surprised how much substance other agents have that allows us both to grow and succeed together.  Will it work every time, probably not, but that is the fight I’m more excited to get behind then the old agent vs agent Civil War.

Take ACTION & Become ELITE

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