Captain EGO: A superhero parable-

We found a well respected individual in our organization that has developed superhuman invincibility.

Captain Ego is one of our fearless leaders.  He is due very high respect and appreciation for what he has done in the 40 years of tough guy insurance work.  Over this time he has developed skin so thick that nothing can penetrate it.  His superhuman power allows him to be invincible to attacks from outside forces.  But this power also comes with a dark side.

Our environment is changing so quickly with information, technology and new threats.  Captain Ego’s superpowers of becoming impervious to outside threats also makes him unable to comprehend and process this new environment in a way that will drive success for those around him.  

The threat of trusting others is one of the most difficult ideas to get through to Captain Ego.  He still feels that his way is the best way, and is unwilling to allow other agents to run with their talents, especially if they are different than his own.  Unfortunately, this is slowly hurting him from the inside.  It is sad to see a leader and trusted adviser deal with the negative implications of this power.  Even though he has great talent around him, he continues to work harder and harder.  He fights the requests to slow down by his family, his co-workers, and his own better judgement, while those talented agents around him get more and more frustrated, knowing they are not allowed to live up to their potential.

Respect is a valuable ally with this tough Superhero friend.  Here is how we help Captain Ego cope with this debilitating disease.

1- Offer respectful solutions to problems (don’t try shoving the medicine down his throat)

2- Ask for trial periods to implement the solution

3-Take initiative, with respect, and show that your ideas can create value.  He will soon adopt those ideas as his own and allow them to continue.  

Over time, you will see a lasting impact that can benefit Captain Ego and all others around you.  The ideals of patience and persistence are part of his skin and will eventually allow your idea’s to get through to him.

Take ACTION & Become ELITE

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