What kind of world would we live in if we really sold only commodity insurance policies.  

Move over Steve Carrell, our “Office’s” paper outsells your paper all day, every day, for a much higher price.  Cha-ching!!!

But seriously, if we don’t sell a commodity like paper then why are people willing to part with their hard earned paper money for our fat reams of legal jargon?  

There are obviously many answers to this question.  They range from, we don’t want to get fined, to it gives us peace of mind.  

Hah, that rhymed.

But the bigger question is….Why are we, as insurance agents, selling our valuable service like a ream of paper off a shelf?  

Yep, I’m talking about “Apples for Apples quoting” and pricing wars.  This villain sales habit I like to call “PRIC.”

Pric is a high-tech monster that hides in his lair. He constantly sends out advertisement after advertisement that has nothing to do with insurance. 

He loves other weird monsters like little slimy green guys, and big hairy cavemen because they remind him of himself. 

His goal is to get the public thinking insurance is a product off a grocery shelf, or even worse, a “necessary evil” that you are required to have but want to get at the lowest price possible.   He loves this message because it’s easy/lazy. 

It’s what customers THINK they want. 

I know for all you salespeople that were taught that the customer is always right?  Well, I’m telling you, that when it comes to Pric’s victim’s, they’re WRONG. 

We need to be tough and stand up for ourselves and our industry.  We cannot let Pric’s media influence back us down from being true consultants with our clients.  

After all, we don’t sell paper….

WE SELL TRUST on paper.

How can people trust us, if we aren’t willing to stand up for what is right.  We can’t be lazy and sell by price only. If this is your goal, then you’re better suited in the paper industry with Michael, Jim and Dwight Shrewt.  

Always remember, what we sell is so much more than paper.  

It’s peace of mind, it’s security, it’s a key to more profitable jobs, It’s a lawyer, it’s a house, it’s an income when you need it most, all wrapped up in a fat ream of paper we call insurance.

Next time someone asks for a quote, be as tough as a superhero, and show them how you do business.  

Next time another agent tries to take your business for 10%, fight for that business, because that agent needs to learn that he’s been brainwashed by Pric and he’s only hurting himself.  We’re all in this together.  

Avoid the “price sell” like the plague and show your clients that we’re more than just paper salesmen with commission breathe, we’re advisors, advocates and friends who are there when they need us most.

We’re their Superhero!!!!

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