Don’t confuse this subject with “We Hate MY Big Brother”.  He’s a roofer and I have about 30 pounds of Insurance-itis.  Not a fight I’m up for.  

No…I’m talking about sales managers requiring your sales reports so they can “check-up” on you.  

For some reason Big Brother doesn’t sit so well with most insurance agents.  It ends up making  us hate those dang reports when we know deep down they only help us be more successful.  

Why is that?  They’re just trying to help right?  

Welllllll, If that were only the case.  

Big Brother as defined in the Urban Dictionary “Is sometimes helpful but… usually oppressive, limiting, and suffocating”  Yep, That’s how I feel too.  I NEED MY FREEDOM!!!!!!!

So how do we combat the poor results of the villainous “Big Brother” management, yet still gain the value of accountability that sales reports were meant for?  

Well, let’s start by attacking the problem. 

Most insurance agents have an entrepreneur’s spirit which says “I’m going to do it my way and MAKE it happen”.  (A great quality in my opinion).  

However this quality is in direct opposition to someone telling us what to do, then making us do it.  The battle ensues, Agents call supervisors “micro-managers” and our supervisor calls us stubborn and uncoachable.  

The crazy thing about this dilemma is; that same stubbornness that makes us uncoachable also drives us to

……..then get back up,
……..then fail,
……..then get back up,
……..then fail again,
……..then get back up again,
knowing that we will eventually succeed as long as we keep trying. 

The key then is to find a big brother that will help us through this process, not just take our reports and be disappointed on the weeks that we don’t hit the goal they set for us.
There are people to help us through this process.  These can be our peers, our family or a good mentor that expects some failure and is there to help us learn the lessons that will eventually lead to success.   

They help us hold ourselves accountable and help us get back up after a failure.   

Now that sounds like the way a Big Brother should be.  

If we feel opposition for our “BIG BROTHER” in insurance then we need to find a true big brother that is willing to work with, coach and mentor us through our failures.  We will see exponential growth because of it.  Awe, it makes me want to call my brothers…sigh.  

You’d be surprised how many true brothers there are that are willing to help.  Find one and you’ll be on your way to more success.

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