How far are YOU willing to go to meet new clients?

Can you really stand by the coined phrase, “To boldly go where no one has gone before” and step out of the controlled, comfort and convenience of your own office and go out and meet them on their turf, with no formal appointment? The trenches where the real world is pulsating with thousands of potential new clients is just outside the door.

Here’s a real story from an actual client:

“I clicked an online ad searching for a small term life insurance to cover a car loan in the event that I should die before the car loan was paid off. It was a small, $7000 loan, but not a burden I wanted to place on anyone else.

I answered a phone call from a very courteous insurance agent and as we discussed my needs, he mentioned that he was in my vicinity so we set up a meeting at my home, for the following day.

As it goes, my personal plans changed within hours and I wouldn’t have been able to meet him. I called to let him know but said I was in town now and could actually meet him then if he wanted. I expected him to suggest we meet at an office or something but, instead, was surprised when he asked where I was and that we could meet there.

I happened to be heading to a department store and he suggested we meet there! I couldn’t believe his willingness to come to me and especially to a department store of all places!

As a customer, I can tell you, this really impressed me to think this man was willing to go out of his comfort zone and meet me in the most unlikely of places just for my convenience.

He won me over right then and there, as long as his insurance plan covered my needs, I would sign.

The foyer entering Kohl’s turned out to be the perfect place to meet. It may have appeared a little odd to customers coming and going, seeing a man in a suit with his briefcase and papers spread out on a bench and me sitting there, signing things, but I felt that if it didn’t embarrass him, I sure was not going to let a few side glances embarrass me.

We completed the deal, he promised to send me an email right away with all the pertinent details then to expect the full insurance dossier to arrive in the mail within the week. We shook hands and went our separate ways and everything arrived on time the way he had promised.”

Let’s take a look at what this insurance agent did right.

  • Online ads
  • Landing page with clear contact information
  • Fast follow up
  • Excellent customer service
  • Kept his promises

When generating new clients, it’s imperative to “think outside the box”. In this case, “the box” was literally a kind of box…an office. This super insurance agent boldly went beyond the norm to take care of his client. He proved his commitment and built trust before he even sold the insurance policy.

Don’t be shy about taking your business to a potential client, wherever that may be. “Street Deals” are “Sweet Deals”.

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