Is it just me or do people use the term “Busy” like a badge of honor.

As a society we ask, “are you staying busy” and if they answer yes, it’s a good thing!!??

Or, when your boss comes to town and sees a lot a paperwork on your desk and sticky notes on the computer then you know your job is safe for now because you look “busy.”…..

But is “Busy” really the goal?  

I thought in a service industry our goal is the be “available” for our clients.

It’s almost like people are infected by a villainous alien epidemic that has taken over offices everywhere, for lack of a more technical term, I’m going to call it Stickynotitis.

The symptoms of this disease demonstrate themselves in sticky notes on a computer, never ending and changing task lists and paperwork piles that keep changing locations.  The victims of the disease seem overwhelmed, overworked and can’t seem to get their jobs done when needed.  As agents of TrACTION we have worked tirelessly to find a cure for this disease.

Here is a 3 step process to fight this devastating disease.




1- Eliminate

Once the patient has been diagnosed, it is important to hit the problem hard by eliminating the tasks that really don’t have to be a part of what they do,  This one step can have hugely positive impacts on the focus and health of the patient.

The concept of “Time Management” is a joke.  You can’t manage time, you can manage tasks.

The first thing you do when managing tasks is get rid of unnecessary tasks.  The biggest waste in agencies today is the wrong person doing the wrong tasks.  Producers get in the way of service so often because they feel like if they took themselves out of the service then their customers would not think they provide value.  The opposite is actually true.  Most clients love to know that their immediate service needs can be done by someone who is available in the office, and are happy to schedule a time with you to have you consult them on the complicated legal and financial paperwork they call an insurance policy.  Eliminating tasks alone should free up around half of your time.


Most other tasks can be batched and automated.  Email is a great example.  Turn off the notification tool on your email and set a time when you will check emails.  You can go through 4 hours of email usually in a few minutes instead of spreading them out through the entire day.  Focus is one of the most valuable assets you have, why destroy it by constant never-ending distraction.

There are very few emergencies.

I promise your clients can wait a few hours for a response and if they can’t, do you really want clients that are that hurried and can’t plan out there day a little better anyway?


The 3rd step is to delegate.  This is third because you will be doing your staff a dis-service if you delegate tasks that can be eliminated or automated.  They will thank you for going through the first 2 steps.  The best way to delegate is to create systems that do it for you.  You’ll know your delegation is working when you no longer have to decide what is delegated and what isn’t.  Delegation should mean the system automatically delegates the proper tasks.

Once you have mastered these processes you’ll see you are available for the true emergencies, your time is freed up to do the most valuable activities that drive growth.  Your energy and focus will return because the stickynotitis will be gone.  Task lists and sticky notes are unnecessary when you take this advise to heart.  Throw out the “busy badge” and put on the “action badge”, your clients will reward you for it.

Take ACTION & Become ELITE

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