Insurance professionals have a passionate crush on the concept of Risk Management.  It’s much like that woman that just moved in across the street.  The “Total Cost of Risk” approach gives us the chills like when she drives by in her vintage red convertible, her long hair blowing in the wind.

She makes you go outside to clean the sidewalk just at the off chance she’ll come out while you’re there so you can strike up a conversation.  We take every opportunity to talk about risk management like it’s the love of our life, excitedly showing our clients the process that we learned at the latest risk management seminar.

But sadly, as our client’s eyes glaze over, we realize that to them… we are still just that weird neighbor that is always cleaning his sidewalk,

Seriously, who does that?!!!!

As in love, we have to do something to become the object of her desire.  No woman likes a man that’s always trying to sound like he knows everything.

Rather she wants a man that makes her feel something.

A man that’s going to create emotions she’s never experienced before.

First step to this; we need to seriously change our appearance.  You know, lose that extra 15 pounds, buy a new suit & wash the car.

The phrases we learn in our insurance classes make us look like a sloppily dressed, dirty, overweight weirdo.  Phrases like:

“Risk Management Professional”

“Total Cost of Risk”

“Risk Control”

etc aren’t sexy because they look at the negative sides of doing business.

We need to use positive words like “safety,” “savings”, “protection” & “profit” when discussing the concepts we hold so dear.

Here are a couple of examples of phrases we use all of the time that chase clients away, while if we tweaked them just a bit, they get clients coming to us.

Overweight Weirdo:
“I’m a Risk Management Professional that focuses on Total Cost of Risk in my analysis of your business.”

Sexy Neighbor:
“I can help you increase profits by offering safety programs that provide protection and savings to your business.

Overweight Weirdo:
“Here’s the process we will take you through, Risk Identification, Analysis, Implementation, Monitoring”

Sexy Neighbor:
“Feel free to take risk, you can count on me to take care of you”

See the difference?  Keep it simple. Keep it positive. It’s amazing what the right language can do to your business, and your love life.

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