Note to self every time I get bogged down by the agent vs agent civil war. The insurance sales battle can be brutal. I heard a very successful agent say:

“It’s not a dog eat dog world, It’s an eat your children world”

I hated that comment when I was a fresh-faced intern and I hate it now, fourteen years later. But is it true? Is the world of insurance sales a brutal battle, zero sum game, I win-you lose fight to the death?

If yes, then we better get to know our arch nemesis intimately in order to exploit their weaknesses right? So who is your Arch Nemesis?

Is it the agent down the street?

Is it the big city guy poaching business from your community?

Is it the up and coming Insurtech monster coming to take over the world?

The answer is none of the above. Your Arch Nemesis is…

None other than…

We have the resources to conquer your Arch Nemesis. Those resources are the other agents inside the Agent of TrACTION Community



Yep, YOU are your own worst enemy!!!

Who gets in the way every time you see a big opportunity?


Who ties you down when you’re inches away from victory?


Who stops your progress when you are succeeding?


Stop letting FEAR get in the way of your success.  You have a secret weapon to conquer your arch nemesis and you know who that is?…


Take ACTION & Become ELITE

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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